Due Diligence

We understand that buying real estate assets can be a complicated process. A careful evaluation of the value of a particular property as it compares to other potential purchases is necessary. For many, it involves a cursory review of the project leases and some income statements.

We believe that a careful review includes much more. Every property tells a story that should be understood before you close escrow. At a minimum, we want to understand how the following items come together and affect the current and future value and stability of a potential acquisition:

  1. How successful are the current tenants and will they continue to operate through the term of their lease?

  2. Are the current tenants achieving the sales that they should be? If not, is it the fault of the business or the property?

  3. Does the current tenancy have good synergy? 

  4. Are there any significant co-tenancy issues or commitments that need to be monitored?

  5. Are the rents replaceable if there are any vacancies?

  6. Can the rental revenues grow to stay ahead of inflation or the CPI index?

  7. Is the property being properly managed? Leased?

  8. Are the leases well written and negotiated? 

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